What are your favorite work apps?

Otter.ai and Cube ACR Pro make my life much easier.

What are your favorite work apps?
Photo by Yura Fresh / Unsplash

They're talking tech over at the Association for Health Care Journalists freelance center today.

I shared my love of Otter for transcribing recorded interviews. I haven't tried recording directly in the app, yet. But many other journalists recommend it. I usually record meetings with my phone's audio recorder/note taking app, then pload the file. I don't really know why. I just like having a separate local file in case something goes wrong with the Otter connection.

I also use Cube ACR Pro for recording phone interviews. It automatically backs up to a designated cloud folder for security.

Like Barbara, I also used to type notes while I was interviewing. But I was constantly worried that I would miss a detail. And splitting my attention made it hard to be truly present in the interview, asking spontaneous follow-up questions and picking up on nuance.

I'm really glad we've moved beyond the days of me using an attachment to record phone conversations to my mini-cassette recorder or handwriting in-person notes on a steno pad.

So far, I haven't found anything that I really love to help me take decent phone photos or efficiently upload photos from my DSLR. I am interested in any recommendations. What are the work apps that you love?